Name badges for engraving. Elegant, light and hardwearing. Choose from a wide range to suit different logos. Available in several colours including gold and silver. See below for available colour combinations.

Model 31-1056-04-51
Size 56mm x 56mm
Model 31-2700-01-52
Size 70mm x 25mm
Model 31-2705-04-20
Size 75mm x 25mm
Model 31-2800-01-56
Size 85mm x 30mm
Model 31-5000-04-20
Size 68mm x 36mm
Model 31-5001-04-30
Size 59mm x 34mm
Model 31-5100-04-51
Size 70mm x 34mm
Model 31-5101-01-40
Size 70mm x 40mm
Model 31-2708-04-30
Size 68mm x 46mm
Model 31-2709-04-20
Size 68mm x 30mm
Model: 31-2602
Model 31-2602-04-20
Size 53mm x 42mm
Model: 31-2605
Model 31-2605-04-30
Size 59mm x 36mm
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