Satisfied customers

Satisfied customers

Quick delivery is what we’re all about!

Anyone can produce one name badge, but few are capable of delivering small and large quantities – with the same commitment and the same high quality. We get the job done, whether it’s delivering just one name badge or managing several hundreds or sometimes thousands, with names changing every day, staff leaving and new staff joining at several different sites or departments.

We always find out as much information as possible about every order to see the bigger picture, not just the need for a product. Our aim is never to turn down an enquiry because it is too big, too small or too complex. We’ll always provide a solution even if it has to be custom-made down to the tiniest detail. In other words, our specialist expertise and holistic approach adds value for our cost-conscious customers, who have gone for the reliable option over the risky choice to minimise quality defects and complaints. We not only have the widest product range on the market; when it comes to name badges, our customised products mean the only limit is your imagination.

We are also constantly developing our service and logistics to be even better at quick deliveries and high quality.

Combined with our professional graphic management, craftsmanship, quick deliveries and the option of following your order right up to your door, it all gives us a very high “satisfied customer” rating.




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