Epoxyline Metallic

Epoxyline with metallic effect. We present the Epoxyline Metallic, a truly eye-catching name badge! We offer colourful name badges with a metallic effect – available in blue, yellow, pink, red and purple, and in a variety of shapes of sizes. Choose a name badge that stands out and makes a colourful impression.

Model 31-8000-0420-56M
Size 59mm x 34mm
Model 31-8016-0420-59M
Size 68mm x 25mm
Model 31-8018-0420-53M
Size 62mm x 32mm
Model 31-8015-0420-58M
Size 60mm x 32mm
Model 31-8025-0420-54M
Size 80mm x 25mm
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