Campaign and Event

We know the small details are key to a memorable event.
It’s the little things we see as the icing on the cake.
What would the cinema be without popcorn?

We’ve gained quite a reputation as one of the biggest name badge suppliers in Europe.
And as our name suggests, we also have many other products in our range. Products that once
formed the foundation for our company’s creation over 30 years ago and remain an important
part of our business.

Here you’ll find many of the small but crucial ingredients you
need to make your Campaign or Event a real success!

Model: 41-4003

Art nr: 41-4003

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Model: 41-4003

Size: Eventkort 100x70 mm

Hard badge in transparent hard plastic with pin. Available in the following sizes: 70x35 mm, 80x50 mm, 90x60 mm, 100x60 mm, 700x75 mm.

  • Art nr: 41-4003